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Joel Kallman

  I started using Oracle APEX in 2003 and immediately fell in love.  The tool was so intuitive to use;  I was immediately off and running building all sorts of applications quickly and easily with no training.   Best of all it was free, and not the "loss-leader free" designed to draw you in, but really free; all you needed was an Oracle database.  The next delight I was to discover was the APEX community!  A welcoming, friendly group of developers with a passion for APEX and keen to help.  No egos, no agendas; just a common belief that APEX is for everyone and the sky's the limit.  I learned early on that "good programmers write code, great programmers write software that writes good code" (something like that). I came across Joel Kallman at some point around 10 years ago when he was presenting at an Oracle workshop.  We got talking and immediately hit it off, possibly because of his great taste in clothes, spectacles and hairstyles (see photo).  When I found ou

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