Way to go Oracle

Just bought my self a new dev box, an Intel NUC with beautiful 29" LG ultra wide ;) and decided to install Windows after years of Mac and Linux.  I have to say awesome!  Installed Windows 8.1 64, Office 2013 Pro, Visual Studio, SQL Dev etc.  All going great until BI Publisher.  Run the latest 64 bit installer and 'error' - please use BI Publisher Desktop installer 32 bit (even though everything is 64 bit).  Tried the 32 bit install and 'error' - please use jre 1.6 or later (I have JDK 7 installed!).  So now starts the usual dance, uninstall JDK 7 and load an old JRE 1.6; same error.  Uninstall Office 2013 64 bit and load Office 2013 32 bit - Same error.  Try old versions of BI Pub desktop; lots of different errors, but still no cigar.  I've now spent 2 nights and messed up most of the good installations I'd completed by fricken around with various setting suggested on Metalink and forums.  I had the same problem last time I tried this 3 years ago and ended up using an XP vm running Word 2003 for BI Publisher.  Life is too short for this,  Jasper reports here I come! (and it's a whole lot cheaper).

Hooray, success this worked https://community.oracle.com/message/11308596#11308596