Highlight Search Words in Apex Interactive Reports

This was a problem raised in a Form Post

To implement:

1. Download the jquery.highlight-3.js from this website and add it to the page.

2. Create a style in a CSS sheet or between style tags in the page header

.highlight { background-color: yellow }

3. Create 2 x dynamic actions:

  • Before Refresh, Region, Execute JavaScript Code

gv_search = $("#apexir_SEARCH").val();

  • After Refresh, Region, Execute JavaScript Code

if (gv_search) {
$('.apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA td').highlight(gv_search);

Or instead of Dynamic Actions add the following to the Execute When Page Loads region



For using with Apex 5.1 ( The Page Load implementation - 2nd one ) :
Don't forget to : Replace number with your report ID ( search in inspect element ).

var gv_search;

function() {
gv_search = $("#R25162282644422618_search_field").val();
function() {
if (gv_search) {
$('.a-IRR-table td').highlight(gv_search);